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Stock and Custom Polypropylene
(PP) Extrusion Manufacturer

We have the capabilities to fulfill your
requirements FAST and SAVE you money.

Contact Jay, he is your
Stock Custom Polypropylene Extrusion Specialist.

1. STOCK Polypropylene EXTRUSIONS

Jay also has U-channels,
J-channels, T-sections,
H-channels, C-channels, Angles, Square and round tubes
in stock and ready to ship.

See Our Stock Profiles Catalog

2. CUSTOM Polypropylene EXTRUSIONS

Need custom Polypropylene Extrusions?

Contact us and Jay will be happy to help, or call 419-878-5010

Polypropylene extrusion Polypropylene extrusion
Polypropylene extrusion Polypropylene extrusion

Above are examples. To see our entire catalog of plastic edging, joiners and connectors [ click here ]

With over 25 years experience, Seagate Plastics is a trusted manufacturer of quality stock and custom
Polypropylene (PP) extrusions.

Call and ask us about our over 500 stock of
Polypropylene (PP) extrusions.


Contact us to learn more via our form
or Call Us (419) 878-5010


Polypropylene Extrusion Manufacturer

Seagate Plastics is your source for Custom and Stock polypropylene Extrusion and polypropylene Extrusion Fabrication.  Since 1987 SeaGate Plastics has been providing high-quality polypropylene Extrusions to an ever-expanding client base that includes: Automotive, Packaging, Display, Material Handling sectors as well as a wide range of OEMs and Specialty markets.  Unparalleled service, design assistance and quick turnaround, coupled with competitive pricing, are but a few reasons that industry leaders choose SeaGate Plastics for their custom polypropylene Profile Extrusion needs.  At Seagate Plastics we sell more than polypropylene Profile Extrusions-we sell solutions that improve your products and profitability.

SeaGate Plastics specializes in extruding both polypropylene Profiles and polypropylene tubing.  Finished polypropylene Extrusions can be used “as is” or be fabricated into more complex assembly by bending, forming, notching, punching, gluing, riveting and other techniques.  We have the ability to produce virtually any component that lends itself to the extrusion process in flexible or rigid polypropylene.  If you have special requirements we invite you to discuss them with our technical staff, please call or email today.

SeaGate Plastics also stock many common shaped polypropylene Profile Extrusions including: polypropylene U-channels, polypropylene J-channels, polypropylene T-sections, polypropylene H-channels, polypropylene C-channels, polypropylene Angles, polypropylene Square and round tubes and many other misc. polypropylene shapes.  Please check out our Standard Profile Catalog to find the shape you are looking for.  Can’t find in the catalog, please call or email today, chances are we have it, if not we will make it for you.

polypropylene profile extrusion can be utilized to cut costs, lower weight requirements, help in corrosive environments, specially formulated for Anti-Stat/ Conductive environments as well making it a good choice for electronics packaging.